Real time.

Real results.

What is iMOS?

It’s the user-friendly Management Operating System (MOS) for your tablet or phone.

Mining companies have spent thousands of dollars – if not millions – on huge back office computing power to provide managers with the data required to make decisions. However, that data is still essentially inputted manually.

Transforming data into action through applied business intelligence and process change.

According to a recent survey, less than 1% of available data is being used to make decisions. Making effective use of data is a more critical issue.

Giving back to the environment digitise paper to help reduce costs and become more environmentally friendly.

Paper and time is no longer wasted. No more manually written time cards; manually written delay cards; manually written pre-start check-lists; etc. In most mining companies data is still in silos.

Integrated and Automated Dashboards

Companies need reliable, accurate, and up to date information that gives management the ability to make data driven decisions. Access to this type information can be used to positively influence performance in the areas of cost, safety, and productivity.

Proactive Frontline Management & Monitoring

Generating concise, automated production reporting, making data available in real time.

> Real time reporting

> Real time alerts

> Real time actions

> Track Production

> Material

> Location

> Equipment

Benefits of using iMOS

Supervisor short interval control

Pre-start checklists direct from source

Drives proactive management

Action items allocated with reminders

Time management

Develop custom forms

Digital checklists (easy shift hand-overs)

Dig plans (compliance to location)

Programmable alerts of a schedule miss

Instant and effective feedback

Customised performance dashboards

Simultaneous data

Co-ordinates safety topics

Real-time optimisation

Motivation through gamification

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